Sea Blue Textile Ltd


Factory Overview

Sea Blue Textile Ltd, a composite knit textile unit located at Chittagong Export Processing Zone , Bangladesh was incorporated in 2006 to share 100% of the quality products throughout the world. Since then it has added Sea Blue Textile Limited to expand capacity and jointly worked with Asian Group. Seatex got the valuable certification: ISO 9001 & 14001, Oeko tex, OE 100, GOTS, WCA.

To deliver the quality products, as per the standards required by the customers. The basic Function is to source the facility/product, which fulfils the needs of the inquiry, sent by the buyer and to place the orders on behalf of the buyer to coordinate between the buyer and the manufacturer, at various stages of the production process, ensuring that the end product meets the basic standards required. We have already produce lot of designs for numerous brands in EC & USA. Our fashionable designs, styles and quality are highly valued by foreign customers.

Factory Statistics

Business Established : 2006
Total Area  : 82740 SFT
Production Unit  : 2 NOS
Total Manpower : 679
Total Machineries   : 62 Set
Production Capacity : 20000 - 25000 pcs/d
Production Capacity (Printing Capacity) : 25000 pcs/d
Production Capacity (Embroidery Capacity) : 2500 pcs/d
Social Compliance Audit Status : Yellow
CTPAT Audit Status : Yellow/ Score 90%
Product Type : Knit fabrics, knit kids ware, boys, polo, Tank Top, Inner garments, Leggings.
Present Buyer   : Wal-mart,Garan, IFG corporation, H&M, Gulden Pefing,K-mart,Cartter’s,Kidz Concept; Primark (Fashon),Primark Penny,Primark,
Address : Plot # 10 & 11 Sector # 06 CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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