Sustainability Policy

Asian Group highly believes that a safe, healthy and eco- friendly environment to the worker all of his/her employees will lead to become leadership of environmental sustainability. So the sustainability ambition of Asian Group is associated with a broad set of ideas and view which includes minimum waste generation by reuse and recycling of waste, inaugurated renewable energy, reduce the impact on land use, less impact on biodiversity and natural ecosystem, control of pollution, minimize the use of hazardous chemical, introduce Eco-friendly machinery, optimize the use of natural resources, and create vast awareness among the worker about environmental sustainability with the help of local NGOs, mass media and DOE and availed of the opportunities of people as well as communities at local, national and international level.

Sustainability policy principles

  • To integrate sustainability in all business process.
  • To ensure that all the workers and staffs are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy.
  • To minimize the impact on sustainability of all office and transportation activities by launching eco-friendly tools and machineries.
  • To ensconce the safe disposal of various waste with a minimum impact on soil and environment.
  • To make sure the progress of water consumption reduction by using water efficient instruments in all purposes and harvest of rainwater where and when possible.
  • To lessen the air emissions and greenhouse gases to environment by using renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. (e.g. diesel, gas,).
  • To comply with and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislations, regulations and codes of practice.
  • To conduct audit annually and review the audit report for the continuous improvement of sustainability performances.

Annual Environmental Information, 2016

Facility Name Electricity(kwh) Diesel(l) Gas(kg) Water (m3) GHGs Emissions (tonnes CO2 e)
Chittagong Asian Apparels Ltd. 1330049 33195 87840 7553 1261
Mohara Asian Apparels Ltd. 1952000 37873 55143 2775.05 1307.443
Sea Blue Textile Ltd. 4318037.4 0 3858581.38 125865 7305.171
Fortune Apparels Ltd. 1026000 13419.8 13860 1920.88 647.447
Miles Fabric Ltd. 232098 61200 37635 1152928 18094.98